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News from March:

After 18 years, we are Closed. Permanently.

After a LOT of reviewing numbers, meeting with advisors and looking at the math, we have made the incredibly difficult decision to close permanently.

It has been a TOTAL honour to serve our community all these years and to be a 2nd home to so many of you.

The past week with all of your amazing comments flooding in have been an emotional roller coaster (and we can't even HUG!).

We spent the week of March 17th emailing every member, as well as texting all 2000+ contacts on file and a live Facebook Video boosted to over 18,000 views, all in an effort to make sure that people who pre paid were given first priority to purchase equipment - and you did!

Thank you for your patience in the chaos, as we restricted how many people could be in the building and wait times were long in the early days.

We do still have a few things left, but not much.